my shortly history

I call Gabriella, have been born to Rome, a lot, time makes….during the war, I have a memory much beloved of papa and, displeases to me, but a little less than mother, I wanted to study, but money us of was little, so, when I have begun to work, at the same time, has begun to study and I have not stopped to… all today; I have crossed all a little the events of these 60 years, was, in short, anticipates a little physically, a little through other people, to many events of these times, difficult, but certainly interesting; I have attended various schools; first it has been a course for the assistance to infancy, private; then a year of study of English, but the teaching one was an Italian who had made the soldier in America, that has learned some slang (does not know if it is written so) and little English; then I have achieved the Skillful diploma and Letter to the Wisdom is joined me, was famous 'the 68, says that I have seen many things and many I have felt some; then me they are enrolled before to a Papal University and then to another, I have achieved the Bachelor's degree, then the License in Dogmatic theology, then in 2003-2005, have attended the doctorate in Dogmatic theology, but I have not been able to end, I have made all the course, I have made the thesis and the first argument, was 2005, has not forwarded us, some problems, then the age, then… ; my sentimental life… not is, in the sense that me is fallen in love (creed) a single time, has been a tragedy, but in order little time; but for all my life I have looked for the God and It has made itself to find;  then... I have fallen in love  of the Paul Apostle