“almost” a presentation ... of this blog and thoughts that accompany it

I have used a Saint Paul step in order to introduce this Blog; 
I really love the apostle, every time I read his story his letters I get excited, it helps me
Holy Thursday 2011

often we look for God, we find it, we do not find it, seems that it is with we and then escapes to us, nevertheless, creed, is need of those to believe, to understand, that the beautiful expression of Hebrew philosopher A.J.Heshel is “God to the search of the man” reading its job - because written how much between quotes is the title of one of its books, I have read it in 1972 when it was still alive, Heschel is dead man, in fact, in that same year to December; in catechism to the children, when I was small, it was taught that it had to make many good things, I had a notebook in which a flower for every good made action was designed, exactly: a “foil”, but I was content, however the discovery that was God to be interested of me, more than you made I than He, have made it after a little, with the life, sometimes I was content also single in front of to a beautiful image, or to “the beautiful “quaresimali” of the Jesuit Fathers, I did not understand to us very, but I knew that there was a place for me beyond my house and the problems; the first formulation that God loves the man before still that the man was created, than God it loves the man when it is still in its thought, loves it creating it, loves it sinner almost more than just I did not know it, has arrived to me after; a long distance; I do not want here, in this species of presentation, to speak about Concilio Vatican II or liturgy or about the evangelization; now, we comprise it in the Sacred Writing, sing it in the Psalms, us testify the Saints, God calls the man first and the man laboriously answers; in order to make a signal to explanation way, the Saint call-conversion of Saint Paul, along I walk of Saint Augustine, and many, a number infinity, counting also which listens to it, without still to know it, and they know that there is someone in heaven; I introduced this, I am to the way of two separate faces of the history of the salvation, he is, and he is found in the title of the Blog, the moment of the “encounter” between the Word of God, than us he calls and ours, also always feeble answer;